Discussing Śānti. 110, 21 - Managing Anger for Resilience and Harmony

The verses from Śānti. 110, 21 offer invaluable wisdom on the power of self-restraint in managing anger and diffusing the anger of others. This discussion delves into the significance of controlling anger, its impact on overcoming challenges, and its role in promoting harmony in human relationships.
“They that restrain their own anger and pacify the anger of others succeed in overcoming all difficulties.” (Śānti. 110, 21)


In these verses, a profound truth is revealed - the act of restraining one's own anger and calming the anger of others holds the key to surmounting challenges. By exercising self-restraint and diffusing tense situations, individuals pave the way for resolution and success.

Key Points

  1. Self-Control: The verses emphasize the importance of controlling one's own anger as a means to navigate difficult situations.
  2. Diffusing Conflict: The act of pacifying the anger of others plays a pivotal role in preventing conflicts from escalating and fostering a peaceful environment.
  3. Overcoming Challenges: The practice of managing anger contributes to overcoming obstacles and challenges that may arise in personal and communal life.
  4. Promoting Harmony: By prioritizing anger management, individuals contribute to creating harmonious relationships and a more tranquil society.


The teachings of these verses find resonance across diverse religious and ethical systems. The shared understanding of anger's potential for disruption underscores the universal value of its restraint.

In a world where conflicts often stem from unchecked emotions, the application of these teachings is paramount. By exercising self-restraint and addressing the anger of others with patience and empathy, we can facilitate productive dialogues and cultivate understanding.

As individuals, we can practice the principles outlined in these verses by developing emotional intelligence, seeking peaceful resolutions, and contributing to an environment of empathy and respect. By doing so, we align with the shared wisdom of various faith traditions and work towards a more tolerant and compassionate world.

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