Discussing Quran 25:63-65 - Humility and Devotion in the Servants of the Merciful


The Quran encourages believers to embody humility and devotion in their daily lives. In this discussion, we explore verses from Surah Al-Furqan (Chapter 25), verses 63-65. These verses highlight the attributes of the servants of the Merciful, including their humble conduct on earth, their peaceful response to adversity, and their devoted prayers seeking protection from the punishment of Hell.
"And the servants of the Merciful are those who walk humbly on the earth. And when people overcome with frenzy converse with them, they say: 'Peace.' And [they are those] who spend their nights before their Lord prostrating and standing. And [are ones] who keep praying: 'Our Lord! Protect us from the punishment of Hell.' Indeed, its punishment is ever-clinging." (Quran 25:63-65)


These verses describe the characteristics of the devoted servants of God, known as the "servants of the Merciful." One of their distinguishing qualities is their humility and modesty in their behavior as they walk on the earth. This humility is a reflection of their inner spirituality and their submission to God's will.

When confronted with adversarial and aggressive people, the servants of the Merciful respond with "Peace," promoting a calm and peaceful interaction. This response embodies the Quranic teaching of responding to hostility with kindness and avoiding escalation.

The verses also emphasize their dedication to prayer and worship. They devote their nights to bowing and prostrating before God, expressing their devotion and surrender to the Creator. This nightly vigil in prayer indicates their deep spiritual connection and commitment to seeking God's pleasure.

Furthermore, the servants of the Merciful beseech God to protect them from the punishment of Hell, acknowledging the consequences of sinful actions and seeking God's mercy and forgiveness. This prayer is an expression of their recognition of the consequences of wrongdoing and their desire to seek refuge in God's benevolence.

Key Points

  1. Humility and Modesty: The servants of the Merciful exhibit humility and modesty in their conduct, reflecting their submission to God's will.
  2. Responding with Peace: When faced with hostility, they respond with peace and kindness, adhering to the Quranic principle of promoting harmony in interactions.
  3. Devotion in Worship: Their nights are devoted to prayer and prostration, illustrating their profound spiritual connection and commitment to God.
  4. Seeking God's Protection: They fervently pray for protection from the punishment of Hell, recognizing the consequences of wrongdoing and seeking God's mercy.


These Quranic teachings call for believers to embody humility, compassion, and devotion in their lives. By demonstrating humility in our actions and promoting peace in our interactions, we can contribute to a more harmonious and compassionate society.

In the context of religious tolerance, these teachings resonate with various faith traditions that emphasize the importance of humility and peaceful responses to adversity. By recognizing the shared value of such virtues, we can foster mutual respect and understanding among diverse religious communities.

As individuals, we can apply this lesson by practicing humility in our daily lives, responding to hostility with kindness, and being devoted to prayer and worship. By seeking God's protection and forgiveness, we can grow spiritually and strive to live in alignment with the values taught by our respective religious traditions.

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