Discussing Dakṣa. 3:4-5 - Welcoming Distinguished Guests with Respect

The verse from Dakṣa. 3:4-5 emphasizes the importance of offering warm and respectful hospitality to distinguished guests. This discussion delves into the significance of honoring guests by offering not only material provisions but also genuine attention, kind words, and heartfelt gestures of welcome. The verse highlights the transformative power of respectful hospitality.
“When any distinguished person comes to the house, one should gently offer these four — the mind, the eye, the face, and the words. One should rise up and say, ‘Come here,’ carry on a pleasant conversation, saying, ‘Welcome,’ ‘treat him with food, and follow him. (All) these works should be carefully (performed).” (Dakṣa. 3:4-5).


The verse underscores the holistic approach to hospitality, where not only material offerings are given but also genuine care and attention. It instructs individuals to offer the faculties of the mind, eye, face, and words, which symbolize sincere engagement and respect.

Rising up and inviting the guest with welcoming words, as well as engaging in pleasant conversations, exemplify the value of making the guest feel esteemed and valued. Treating the guest with food signifies nurturing the body and soul.

Key Points

  1. Comprehensive Hospitality: The verse emphasizes a comprehensive approach to hospitality, encompassing both physical provisions and sincere gestures of respect and attention.
  2. Mindful Interaction: Offering the mind, eye, face, and words signifies mindful interaction that goes beyond mere formalities.
  3. Transformative Power: Genuine hospitality can transform a simple encounter into a meaningful and positive experience for both the host and the guest.
  4. Cultural Universality: The value of respectful hospitality is a universal cultural norm, transcending religious boundaries and promoting understanding and harmony.


This verse serves as a reminder of the importance of treating guests with genuine care, respect, and kindness. By extending thoughtful gestures and engaging in warm conversations, individuals can create a welcoming environment that fosters positive connections.

In the context of a website promoting universal wisdom, this verse resonates with the shared value of hospitality across cultures and faith traditions. It emphasizes the universal nature of kindness and respect, encouraging people to embrace these virtues in their interactions with others from diverse backgrounds.

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