Bereft by Robert Frost: Summary & Analysis

In "Bereft" by Robert Frost, the poet reflects on solitude, isolation, and the emotional journey of facing one's own thoughts and existence. Through vivid imagery and introspective language, Frost explores the speaker's sense of being alone, both physically and emotionally. The poem delves into the complexities of isolation and the introspective process of facing one's inner thoughts and fears.

Bereft by Robert Frost

Where had I heard this wind before
Change like this to a deeper roar?
What would it take my standing there for,
Holding open a restive door,
Looking down hill to a frothy shore?
Summer was past and the day was past.
Sombre clouds in the west were massed.
Out on the porch's sagging floor,
Leaves got up in a coil and hissed,
Blindly struck at my knee and missed.
Something sinister in the tone
Told me my secret must be known:
Word I was in the house alone
Somehow must have gotten abroad,
Word I was in my life alone,
Word I had no one left but God.

Critical Analysis

"Bereft" delves into the theme of isolation and the emotional complexities that accompany it. The poem opens with the speaker's contemplation of the wind's change, invoking a sense of familiarity and memory. As the poem progresses, the speaker stands in a moment of introspection, holding a door open and looking down the hill toward a "frothy shore." The imagery of the environment reflects the speaker's internal state and emotional turmoil.

The transition from summer to somber clouds further accentuates the shift in mood. The leaves on the porch's floor coil and hiss, creating a sense of agitation and restlessness, mirroring the speaker's inner turmoil. The imagery of leaves striking at the speaker's knee adds to the atmosphere of unease and isolation.

The poem's turning point occurs with the realization that the speaker's secret, the sense of being alone and isolated, must have become known to others. The notion that the word of the speaker's aloneness "must have gotten abroad" underscores the idea that solitude can become a source of public awareness and scrutiny.

The final lines emphasize the profound solitude the speaker feels, with the assertion that the speaker has "no one left but God." This line suggests that in moments of profound isolation, faith may be the only companion left. The poem explores the internal and external aspects of solitude, addressing both the speaker's emotional experience and the potential external perceptions of their aloneness.

Themes of the Poem

  • Isolation and Solitude: The poem delves into the emotional and existential experience of being alone and isolated, both internally and externally.
  • Internal Turmoil: The imagery and language reflect the speaker's inner turmoil and agitation that accompany their sense of solitude.
  • Faith and Spiritual Reflection: The reference to having "no one left but God" suggests a contemplation of faith and the idea of finding solace in a higher power.

Stylistic Analysis

  • Imagery: The vivid imagery of the wind, the porch, leaves, and the frothy shore creates a visual and sensory experience that mirrors the speaker's emotions.


  • Loneliness: The poem conveys a profound sense of loneliness, capturing the speaker's emotional and existential isolation.
  • Agitation: The imagery of leaves hissing and striking, along with the changing wind, reflects the speaker's agitation and unease.
  • Acceptance of Solitude: The final line suggests a form of acceptance of the speaker's solitude, finding solace in the idea of being alone with their faith.


  • Imaginative Language: The poem uses descriptive language to evoke a vivid sense of place and emotion, contributing to the overall atmosphere.
  • Reflective Tone: The poem's introspective language and tone reflect the speaker's contemplative state of mind.

Sound Devices

  • Imagery and Sensory Details: The poem's imagery and sensory descriptions contribute to its emotional impact and create a vivid experience for the reader.

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