Ask Me, Adriana Rajca: Summary & Analysis

"Ask Me" by Adriana Rajca is a heartfelt and expressive poem that captures the emotions of love and affection. Through vivid sensory imagery and introspective reflection, the poem conveys the depth of the speaker's feelings for their beloved. The poem celebrates the various ways in which love is communicated, experienced, and felt.

"Ask Me"

Do I really love you?
Look into my eyes.
The shine you see is the light of my soul.
Notice my smile,
how spontaneous and true!
My face in your presence,
my lips caress your name.
Can you not hear the hum of my body
responding to your nearness?
My heart keeps time.
Touch me,
I tremble.
Hold me,
I sigh.
Kiss me,
I melt.
Ask me,
I love you!


"Ask Me" is a poem that passionately expresses the speaker's love for their beloved. The poem invites the reader to experience the speaker's emotions through sensory descriptions and introspective thoughts. The speaker's love is depicted as a genuine and profound feeling that is evident through their eyes, smile, body's response, and heart's rhythm. The poem conveys the idea that love is not only expressed through words but also through various physical and emotional sensations.

Critical Analysis

The poem uses a series of sensory and emotional descriptions to convey the intensity of the speaker's love. The shine in the speaker's eyes, the spontaneity of their smile, and the caress of their lips for the beloved's name all highlight the genuine and sincere nature of their emotions.

The poem also explores the physical and emotional responses that love triggers. The "hum of my body" and the heart's rhythm indicate the speaker's physical and emotional connection to the beloved's presence. The poem emphasizes the idea that love is not just an abstract concept but a tangible and visceral experience.

The progression of the poem, from trembling to sighing and melting, captures the increasing depth of the speaker's emotional responses as the intimacy between them and the beloved intensifies.


  • Love and Affection: The central theme of the poem is love, and the various ways in which it is experienced and expressed, both physically and emotionally.
  • Emotional Intimacy: The poem celebrates the emotional intimacy between the speaker and the beloved, as reflected in their spontaneous smile, body's response, and heartfelt sigh.
  • Communication of Love: The poem explores how love can be communicated through actions, physical sensations, and emotional responses, rather than solely through words.


  • Passion and Desire: The poem reflects the speaker's passionate feelings and desire for their beloved, as evidenced by the physical and emotional responses they describe.
  • Adoration and Devotion: The speaker's adoration and devotion to the beloved are evident in the way they express their feelings through various sensory and emotional experiences.
  • Confidence in Love: The speaker's confidence in their love is emphasized through the repeated declaration "Ask me, I love you!" The speaker's affection is unwavering and sincere.

Literary Devices

  • Sensory Imagery: The poem uses sensory descriptions to vividly convey the speaker's emotions and experiences, allowing the reader to visualize and feel the depth of their affection.
  • Repetition: The repeated phrase "Ask me, I love you!" serves as a refrain that reinforces the speaker's declaration of love and their confidence in it.
  • Metaphor: The poem employs metaphorical language, such as "The shine you see is the light of my soul," to convey the depth and authenticity of the speaker's emotions.

Discussion Question

How does "Ask Me" by Adriana Rajca use sensory imagery and emotional descriptions to convey the speaker's passionate feelings of love and affection? How does the poem depict the various ways in which love is communicated and experienced?

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