Agreement with So, Too, Either, Neither

"So" and "too" are used in positive sentences to show agreement.

Positive Sentence, Too:



  • Person A: I love chocolate.

    Person B: I love chocolate, too.

    So do I.

  • Person A: Sarah is a talented singer.

    Person B: I can sing well, too.

    So can I.

  • Person A: They have visited Paris.

    Person B: I have been to Paris, too.

    So have I.

"Either" and "neither" are used in negative sentences to show agreement. (NEITHER = NOT EITHER)

Negative Sentence, Either:



  • Person A: I don't love football.

    Person B: I don't love football, either.

    Neither do I.

  • Person A: Jack can't swim.

    Person B: I can't swim, either.

    Neither can I.

  • Person A: Hana and Jim haven't done their tasks.

    Person B: I haven't done my tasks, either.

    Neither have I.

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