Phrasal Verbs with Work

Explore the versatile meanings of Phrasal Verbs related to work. Discover shaping, influencing, calculating, understanding, solving, exercising, and more.

Phrasal Verbs with Work: Meanings, and Example Sentences

  • Work on: Shape, form, or improve something; exercise influence on someone.
    1. She's been working on her painting for weeks, trying to perfect every detail.
    2. He needs to work on his communication skills to be more effective in his job.
    3. The manager is working on motivating the team to achieve their targets.
  • Work out: Calculate; make sense of; smooth; conclude with the correct solution; succeed; habitually exercise rigorously.
    1. I need to work out the total cost of the project before presenting it.
    2. It took a while, but I finally worked out the meaning of the complicated equation.
    3. The negotiators managed to work out a compromise that satisfied both parties.
    4. If you work out regularly, you'll start to see improvements in your strength and fitness.
  • Work over: Improve a prototype or first draft; physically attack in order to cause injury.
    1. The design team decided to work over the initial concept to make it more user-friendly.
    2. Unfortunately, he was worked over by a group of thugs in a street altercation.
    3. They need to work over the manuscript to address the editor's feedback.
  • Work sb out: Understand someone's behavior or nature.
    1. It took me a while to work her out, but now I understand why she acts that way.
    2. He's a complex person, and it's challenging to work him out completely.
    3. She's good at working people out and knowing their true intentions.
  • Work smt off: Get rid of unpleasant feelings by doing physical activity.
    1. When she's stressed, she goes for a run to work off the tension.
    2. He hit the gym to work off his frustration after a long day at work.
    3. Physical exercise is a great way to work off anger or anxiety.
  • Work sth out: Understand something by thinking about it; solve a problem or issue.
    1. I need more time to work out the details of the project proposal.
    2. She spent hours trying to work out the solution to the complex puzzle.
    3. They managed to work out their differences through open communication.
  • Work through: Deal with; resolve a problem, often emotional.
    1. She's been working through her grief with the support of a therapist.
    2. They need to work through the issues in their relationship to rebuild trust.
    3. He's actively working through the challenges of his past and focusing on personal growth.
  • Work up: Raise; excite; stir up; develop.
    1. The speaker tried to work up enthusiasm among the audience for the upcoming event.
    2. The intense music worked up the crowd, creating an electric atmosphere.
    3. She's working up her skills in preparation for the upcoming competition.
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