Phrasal Verbs with Think

Discover the meanings of Phrasal Verbs related to thinking. Explore considering, planning, carefully contemplating, and creating.

Phrasal Verbs witn Think: Meanings, and Example Sentences

  • Think about/of: Consider something before making a decision.
    1. Before accepting the job offer, she needs to think about the potential benefits and challenges.
    2. He's thinking of traveling to Europe for his summer vacation.
    3. Let me think about your proposal and get back to you with my decision.
  • Think ahead: Plan for a future situation; think carefully about what might happen in the future.
    1. It's always good to think ahead and prepare for potential obstacles.
    2. She thinks ahead by saving money for unexpected expenses.
    3. The company is thinking ahead by investing in new technologies.
  • Think over: Consider something carefully.
    1. Take your time to think it over before making a final decision.
    2. I need to think over all the options before choosing which university to attend.
    3. She thought it over and decided to accept the job offer.
  • Think through: Consider all the possibilities and outcomes of a situation.
    1. Before making a major investment, it's important to think it through and analyze the risks and rewards.
    2. He thinks through every step of his plan to ensure its success.
    3. They spent hours thinking through the potential consequences of their actions.
  • Think up: Create or invent something, such as a story or an excuse.
    1. She thought up a clever solution to the problem.
    2. He's always thinking up new ideas for his artwork.
    3. When asked why he was late, he quickly thought up an excuse.
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