Phrasal Verbs with Run: List I

Run away: Flee by running
  • He ran away from home when he was just a teenager.
  • They witnessed the suspect running away from the crime scene.
  • She decided to run away and start a new life in a different city.
  • Run away with: Leave secretly with another person
  • He ran away with his girlfriend and eloped without telling anyone.
  • They were shocked when their daughter decided to run away with her boyfriend.
  • She couldn't believe her best friend would run away with her ex-partner.
  • Run away with: Steal and get away with it
  • He managed to run away with the priceless painting from the museum.
  • They were known for their ability to run away with small trinkets from stores without getting caught.
  • She had a reputation for running away with valuable items and selling them on the black market.
  • Run away with: Be misled
  • He let his imagination run away with him and started believing in unrealistic dreams.
  • They were cautious not to let rumors run away with their judgment.
  • She warned her friend not to let emotions run away with her and make impulsive decisions.
  • Run back: Take someone home by car; to give someone a lift to their house
  • He offered to run her back after the party since it was late and she didn't have a ride.
  • They had to run their friends back after the event, ensuring everyone reached home safely.
  • She asked her neighbor to run her back from the airport since she had heavy luggage.
  • Run back: Rewind a film or cassette
  • He accidentally skipped a scene and had to run the movie back to catch what he missed.
  • They needed to run the video back to review an important detail.
  • She had to run the tape back to hear the part she didn't understand.
  • Run by: Inform someone briefly of the main points of an idea
  • He quickly ran the plan by his team before presenting it to the management.
  • They decided to run the proposal by their advisors for feedback.
  • She wanted to run the concept by her colleagues to gauge their interest.
  • Run by: Briefly stop at a location for a particular purpose
  • He needed to run by the bank to deposit a check before heading home.
  • They planned to run by the grocery store to pick up a few items for dinner.
  • She had to run by the post office to mail an important document.
  • Run down: Hit someone with a car or other vehicle and injure or kill them
  • He accidentally ran down a pedestrian who suddenly crossed the road.
  • They were shocked when their car ran a cyclist down at the intersection.
  • She felt devastated after her car ran a stray cat down on the street.
  • Run down: Criticize someone or an organization, often unfairly
  • He would constantly run down his colleagues, undermining their efforts.
  • They didn't appreciate others running their project down without understanding the full context.
  • She refused to run down the company she used to work for, even though she had disagreements with its practices.
  • Run down: Find something or someone after searching for a long time
  • He ran down the missing documents in the office archives after hours of searching.
  • They finally ran the lost keys down in the last place they expected.
  • She managed to run the contact information down and reached out to the person she was looking for.
  • Run down: Lose power slowly
  • The old car's battery was running down and needed to be replaced.
  • They realized their phone's battery was running down and quickly looked for a charger.
  • She noticed that the flashlight's power was running down, so she turned it off to save energy.
  • Run down: Read quickly Run down: Reduce the size or stock levels of a business, often with a view to closure
  • They decided to run down the operations of the factory due to declining demand.
  • The company had to run down its inventory before relocating to a new facility.
  • She planned to run down her online store gradually as she transitioned to a different career.
  • Run for it: To run very quickly in order to escape from someone or something
  • He saw the security guard approaching and decided to run for it.
  • They spotted the storm approaching and knew they had to run for it.
  • She dropped her bag and started to run for it when she heard a loud noise behind her.
  • Run in: Arrest
  • He was run in by the police for shoplifting.
  • They were run in by the authorities for illegal gambling.
  • She heard that her neighbor had been run in for vandalism.
  • Run in: Use new machinery at less than full speed, preventing damage
  • They ran in the new engine to ensure it would function properly.
  • He was careful to run in the power tools before using them at full capacity.
  • She followed the manufacturer's instructions to run in the newly purchased appliance.
  • Run into: Enter by running
  • He ran into the building to escape the rain.
  • They ran into the store to buy some snacks.
  • She ran into the classroom just as the bell rang.
  • Run into: Collide with
  • He wasn't paying attention and ran into a lamppost.
  • They accidentally ran into each other while walking down the street.
  • She bumped into a coworker and ran into them at the office corridor.
  • Run into: Encounter or meet unexpectedly
  • He ran into an old friend at the grocery store.
  • They frequently run into their neighbors while walking their dogs in the park.
  • She happened to run into her favorite actor at a café.
  • Run into: Cause to blend into
  • He used a sponge to run the colors into each other on the canvas.
  • They gently ran the brush into the wet paint to create a smooth gradient.
  • She applied a thin layer of varnish to run the finish into the wood.
  • Run low: Near the end of a supply of something; to be nearly running out
  • They noticed that the milk in the refrigerator was running low and made a note to buy more.
  • He realized that his gas tank was running low and decided to fill it up before the long drive.
  • She checked her bank account and saw that her funds were running low, prompting her to cut back on expenses.
  • Run off: Flee or depart quickly
  • He heard a loud noise and decided to run off in the opposite direction.
  • They managed to run off before the security guard could catch them.
  • She saw her ex-boyfriend at the party and felt the need to run off to avoid any awkward interactions.
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