Phrasal Verbs with Pull

Pull ahead (Start being in a winning position, e.g., in a race or competition):
  • He made a sudden surge and managed to pull ahead of the other runners.
  • They strategized to gain an advantage and pull ahead of their competitors.
  • She accelerated her speed to pull ahead and cross the finish line first.
Pull apart (Become separated as a result of pulling):
  • The seams of the shirt started to pull apart after years of wear and tear.
  • They struggled to pull apart the tangled wires and separate them.
  • She accidentally pulled apart the Lego pieces and had to rebuild the structure.
Pull apart (Rigorously investigate the basis of an idea or theory):
  • They decided to pull apart the scientific study and analyze its methodology.
  • He was known for his ability to pull apart arguments and expose their weaknesses.
  • She spent hours trying to pull apart the complex concept and understand its components.
Pull away (Move ahead):
  • He accelerated his car to pull away from the traffic behind.
  • They made a sudden burst of speed to pull away from their competitors.
  • She saw her chance and swiftly pulled away from the starting line.
Pull in (Pull something so that it comes inside):
  • He pulled in the fishing net and discovered a bountiful catch.
  • They needed to pull in the sail as the wind grew stronger.
  • She gently pulled in the stray kitten and brought it inside.
Pull in (Earn):
  • He managed to pull in a significant amount of money through his investments.
  • They worked hard to pull in new clients and increase their revenue.
  • She was able to pull in a steady income through her freelance work.
Pull in (Approach a station):
  • The train started to pull in to the platform, and passengers prepared to board.
  • They waited at the bus stop for the bus to pull in and take them to their destination.
  • She saw the taxi pull in and hurriedly flagged it down.
Pull off (Remove by pulling):
  • He pulled off the bandage gently to avoid causing any pain.
  • They managed to pull off the sticker from the glass without leaving any residue.
  • She struggled to pull off the stubborn cap from the bottle.
Pull off (Achieve; to succeed at something difficult):
  • He was able to pull off a remarkable comeback and win the championship.
  • They worked tirelessly to pull off a successful product launch.
  • She had to overcome numerous challenges to pull off the ambitious project.
Pull off (Turn off a road):
  • He signaled and pulled off the highway to take a break at the rest area.
  • They decided to pull off the main road and explore a scenic route.
  • She missed the turn and had to pull off at the next available exit.
Pull off (Begin moving and then move away; to pull away):
  • He pulled off from the curb and merged into the flow of traffic.
  • They started the boat's engine and pulled off from the dock.
  • She waved goodbye and pulled offPull on (Put on clothes by tugging):
    • He quickly pulled on his coat and rushed out the door.
    • They decided to pull on their gloves before heading out into the cold.
    • She struggled to pull on the tight jeans but eventually managed to get them on.
    Pull out (Withdraw, especially of military forces; to retreat):
    • He ordered the troops to pull out of the war zone and return to the base.
    • They decided to pull out of the project due to budget constraints.
    • She felt it was time to pull out of the toxic relationship and focus on her own well-being.
    Pull out (Use coitus interruptus as a method of birth control):
    • He decided to pull out as a form of contraception.
    • They relied on the method of pulling out to prevent pregnancy.
    • She was not comfortable with using hormonal contraception, so they chose to pull out instead.
    Pull out (Remove something from a container):
    • He reached into his pocket and pulled out a key.
    • They opened the drawer and pulled out a stack of documents.
    • She carefully pulled out a fragile item from the box.
    Pull over (Come to a stop and turn off the road):
    • He noticed the police car behind him and decided to pull over to the side of the road.
    • They saw a scenic viewpoint and decided to pull over for a photo.
    • She needed to answer an urgent call, so she pulled over at the next available spot.
    Pull over (Cause to pull over):
    • He signaled for the driver in front to pull over and let him pass.
    • They used the loudspeaker to pull over the vehicle for a routine check.
    • She called out to her friend and asked her to pull over at the next exit.
    Pull up (Lift upwards or vertically):
    • He pulled up his pants to avoid tripping on the hem.
    • They used a pulley system to pull up heavy boxes to the second floor.
    • She struggled to pull up the window blinds that were stuck.
    Pull up (Pull forward):
    • He pulled up to the curb and parked his car.
    • They pulled up in front of the house and unloaded their belongings.
    • She decided to pull up closer to the entrance to make it easier for her passengers.
    Pull up (Retrieve; get):
    • He quickly pulled up the information on his phone.
    • They needed to pull up the documents from the database.
    • She opened her laptop and pulled up the file she was working on.
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