Phrasal Verbs with Pick

Pick apart (Overcome by skilled execution):
  • They were able to pick apart the opponent's defense with their precise passing and skilled execution.
  • He has a talent for picking apart complex problems and finding elegant solutions.
  • She used her analytical skills to pick apart the research paper and identify its flaws.
Pick at (Eat unwillingly):
  • He picked at his dinner, showing little appetite for the food.
  • They were too nervous to eat and picked at their meal, barely touching it.
  • She didn't like the taste of the dish and picked at it, trying to find something she could enjoy.
Pick at (Pull or touch something several times):
  • He couldn't resist picking at the loose thread on his shirt, causing it to unravel further.
  • They picked at the scab on their knee, unable to leave it alone.
  • She absentmindedly picked at the buttons on her jacket while lost in thought.
Pick off (Remove by picking):
  • He carefully picked off the dead leaves from the plant to help it thrive.
  • They picked off the lint from their clothes before heading out.
  • She used tweezers to pick off the sticker residue from the surface.
Pick off (Shoot one by one):
  • The sniper was able to pick off enemy soldiers from a hidden position.
  • The archer skillfully picked off the targets with precision.
  • She took aim and picked off the birds that were causing damage to the crops.
Pick off (Dispose of tasks, obstacles, opponents, etc., one by one):
  • He systematically picked off the items on his to-do list, completing them one by one.
  • They strategically picked off the enemy defenses, clearing the way for their advancement.
  • She was determined to pick off the competition, eliminating her opponents one by one.
Pick on (Bully, harass, or make fun of a victim; bother or harass):
  • He would constantly pick on his younger brother, teasing and taunting him.
  • They witnessed a group of students picking on a classmate, and intervened to stop the bullying.
  • She didn't understand why they would pick on her, as she had never done anything to provoke them.
Pick on (Select a person for a task, etc.):
  • They picked him on to lead the team because of his strong leadership skills.
  • He was picked on to represent the company at the conference due to his expertise in the field.
  • She was surprised when they picked her on to present the project to the board of directors.
Pick out (Distinguish):
  • He could pick out his mother's voice among the crowd.
  • They were able to pick out the landmarks and navigate their way through the city.
  • She struggled to pick out the relevant information from the extensive report.
Pick out (Ornament or relieve with lines, etc., of a different, usually lighter, colour):
  • He decided to pick out the trim on the walls with a contrasting color.
  • They picked out the details of the artwork by highlighting them with gold accents.
  • She used a fine brush to pick out the intricate design on the pottery.
Pick through (Search something that is disordered for something):
  • They picked through the pile of clothes to find a clean shirt.
  • He picked through the documents on his desk, looking for an important file.
  • She carefully picked through the box of photographs, searching for a specific picture.
Pick up (Lift; grasp and raise):
  • He bent down to pick up the fallen book from the floor.
  • They picked up the heavy box together and carried it to the truck.
  • She reached out to pick up the fallen leaves and put them in a bag.
Pick up (Collect an object, especially in passing):
  • He stopped to pick up the mail from the mailbox on his way home.
  • They picked up some groceries from the store on their way back.
  • She quickly picked up her jacket as she headed out the door.
Pick up (Clean up; return to an organized state):
  • He decided to pick up the living room before the guests arrived.
  • They picked up the toys scattered on the floor and put them in the toy box.
  • She asked the kids to pick up their room and put away their clothes.
Pick up (Collect a passenger):
  • He hailed a taxi and picked up a passenger on his way to the airport.
  • They stopped the bus to pick up more passengers waiting at the bus stop.
  • She offered to pick up her friend and give them a ride to the party.
Pick up (Collect and detain a suspect):
  • The police picked up the suspect and took him in for questioning.
  • They received a tip and picked up the wanted criminal in a sting operation.
  • She identified the thief and informed the authorities, leading to his pickup by the police.
Pick up (Improve, increase, or speed up):
  • His performance at work started to pick up after receiving additional training.
  • They noticed the economy starting to pick up after the implementation of new policies.
  • She was glad to see her grades pick up as she studied harder for the exams.
Pick up (Restart or resume):
  • He had to pick up the song from where he left off after the interruption.
  • They paused the movie and picked it up later to finish watching.
  • She promised to pick up the conversation with her friend at a later time.
Pick up (Learn, grasp; begin to understand):
  • He was quick to pick up new concepts and apply them in his work.
  • They found it challenging to pick up the local language during their travels.
  • She struggled to pick up the dance moves but eventually got the hang of it.
Pick up (Receive a radio signal or the like):
  • He adjusted the antenna to pick up a clearer signal for the radio.
  • They were able to pick up the satellite transmission and watch the live broadcast.
  • She tuned in to pick up the news updates on her portable radio.
Pick up (Notice, detect, or discern; often used with "on"):
  • He was quick to pick up on the subtle hints and read between the lines.
  • They picked up on her change in tone and realized something was wrong.
  • She could pick up on the underlying tension in the room and sensed a conflict.
Pick up (Point out a person's behavior, habits, or actions in a critical manner):
  • He didn't hesitate to pick up on her mistakes during the presentation.
  • They were quick to pick up on his bad habits and reminded him to improve.
  • She liked to pick up on his poor time management skills and offer advice.
Pick up (Meet and seduce somebody for romantic purposes, especially in a social situation):
  • He went to the party hoping to pick up someone interesting to spend the evening with.
  • They were successful in picking up a few phone numbers at the bar.
  • She didn't go out with the intention to pick up, but she ended up meeting someone special.
Pick up (Answer a telephone):
  • He heard the phone ringing and quickly picked it up to answer the call.
  • They asked her to pick up the phone and check if it was an important call.
  • She reached over to pick up the phone and see who was calling.
Pick up after (Tidy a mess someone else has made):
  • He always had to pick up after his messy roommate, cleaning up after them.
  • They volunteered to pick up after the party and ensure the space was left clean.
  • She didn't mind picking up after her children, taking care of their toys and belongings.
Pick up on (Correct someone when they say something wrong):
  • He was quick to pick up on her mistake and gently corrected her.
  • They politely picked up on the mispronunciation and provided the correct pronunciation.
  • She appreciated when others picked up on her errors and helped her improve.
Pick up on (Notice something that most people don't):
  • He has a keen eye and can pick up on subtle details that others may miss.
  • They were able to pick up on the hidden meanings in the artwork.
  • She could pick up on the underlying tension in the room, sensing that something was off.
Pick up on (React to something):
  • He was pleased to see the audience pick up on the humor in his speech and start laughing.
  • They picked up on her enthusiasm and joined in the excitement.
  • She hoped her friends would pick up on her subtle hints and plan a surprise for her.
Pick up on (Comment on something said earlier in a conversation):
  • He liked how she picked up on their earlier discussion and brought up a related point.
  • They decided to pick up on the topic they had left off in their last conversation.
  • She was eager to pick up on the interesting ideas they had discussed earlier.
Pick yourself up (Recover from a fall or problem):
  • He stumbled but quickly picked himself up and continued running.
  • They faced setbacks but always managed to pick themselves up and keep moving forward.
  • She reminded herself to pick herself up and not let the failure discourage her.
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