Phrasal Verbs with Move

Move forward (Make progress):
  • She decided to move forward with her career and pursue new opportunities.
  • They are determined to move forward despite the challenges they face.
  • He is constantly striving to move forward and improve himself.
Move on (Leave somewhere for another place):
  • After spending a few years in the city, she decided it was time to move on and explore new places.
  • They packed their bags and prepared to move on to their next destination.
  • He felt it was time to move on from his current job and seek new opportunities.
Move on (Start dealing with something else):
  • After completing one project, they are ready to move on and tackle the next challenge.
  • She realized she needed to move on from her past mistakes and focus on the future.
  • He decided it was time to move on from the past and embrace new possibilities.
Move out (Vacate one’s place of residence or employment):
  • They have decided to move out of their apartment and find a bigger place.
  • She will officially move out of her parents' house and start living on her own.
  • He needs to give notice to his landlord before he can move out of the rental property.
Move out (Leave one’s present location):
  • They are planning to move out of the city and relocate to a quieter area.
  • She decided to move out of the crowded room and find a more peaceful place to work.
  • He wants to move out of the noisy neighborhood and find a place with better surroundings.
Move up (Move one’s position to allow others to occupy a place):
  • He decided to move up to the front row so that more people could fit in the back.
  • They were asked to move up in the theater to make space for others.
  • She willingly moved up to the balcony seat so that a family could sit together.
Remember to use these phrasal verbs appropriately and in the right context. Practice using them in sentences to become more comfortable with their usage. Course Home
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