Phrasal Verbs with Make

Make after (Chase):
  • She made after the thief, running as fast as she could.
  • They saw their dog make after a squirrel in the park.
  • He decided to make after his dreams and pursue a career in music.
Make away with (Steal):
  • She made away with the valuable painting from the art gallery.
  • They discovered that someone had made away with their laptop from their office.
  • He was caught trying to make away with the jewelry from the store.
Make for (To move towards something):
  • She decided to make for the nearest exit when the fire alarm went off.
  • They hurriedly made for the bus stop to catch the last bus.
  • He saw the storm clouds approaching and knew it was time to make for shelter.
Make for (To contribute, to cause, lead to):
  • Her dedication and hard work made for her success in the competition.
  • The positive atmosphere in the workplace makes for better productivity.
  • His disruptive behavior made for a tense and uncomfortable atmosphere.
Make into (Cause the first object to become the second object; to change or transform):
  • She made the clay into a beautiful sculpture.
  • They made the old barn into a cozy guesthouse.
  • He wanted to make his passion for photography into a successful career.
Make it up to (Pay back; to return someone a previous good deed):
  • She felt guilty for canceling their plans and wanted to make it up to her friend.
  • They decided to make it up to their parents by planning a special family outing.
  • He promised to make it up to his partner for forgetting their anniversary.
Make of (Form an opinion about someone or something):
  • She couldn't make up her mind of what to wear to the party.
  • They couldn't make sense of the strange behavior of their neighbor.
  • He wasn't sure what to make of the new employee's sudden promotion.
Make off (Leave somewhere in a hurry):
  • She made off from the scene of the accident before anyone could identify her.
  • They saw the thief making off with their backpacks in the crowded market.
  • He decided to make off from the boring party and head home early.
Make off (To escape):
  • She managed to make off from the kidnappers and find her way to safety.
  • They witnessed the prisoner making off during the chaotic prison break.
  • He successfully made off with the stolen jewels and disappeared without a trace.
Make off with (Steal):
  • She made off with the cash from the register while the store clerk was distracted.
  • They discovered that someone had made off with their valuable antique collection.
  • He was caught trying to make off with the valuable artwork from the gallery.
Make out (Draw up a document, designate a cheque to a given recipient, payee):
  • She made out a check for the rent and handed it to the landlord.
  • They asked their lawyer to make out the legal documents for their business partnership.
  • He needed to make out a list of the items for his grocery shopping.
Make out (Manage, get along; to do well, badly, etc.):
  • She's been making out well in her new job and receiving positive feedback.
  • They made out fine during their camping trip despite the unexpected rain.
  • He struggled to make out in the difficult subject, but with perseverance, he improved.
Make out (Represent; to make something appear to be true):
  • She tried to make out that she was innocent, but the evidence was against her.
  • They tried to make out that their product was the best on the market with false claims and exaggerated marketing tactics.
  • He didn't believe her story and thought she was trying to make out that she was the victim.
Make out of (Construct from; to create something using a material or substance):
  • She made a sculpture out of clay and displayed it in the art gallery.
  • They made a table out of reclaimed wood from old barns.
  • He decided to make a necklace out of the seashells he collected at the beach.
Make over (Renovate or convert to a different use, particularly houses, offices, or rooms within them):
  • They decided to make over their old farmhouse into a modern and stylish living space.
  • She hired a professional designer to make over her office and create a more productive work environment.
  • He plans to make over the basement into a home theater for his family.
Make over (Create a new physical look, especially with a new hairstyle, cosmetics, or clothes):
  • She went to the salon to make over her appearance with a trendy haircut and vibrant hair color.
  • They spent the afternoon at the spa getting a complete makeover with professional makeup and a stylish outfit.
  • He wanted to make over his wardrobe and update his style to a more sophisticated look.
Make over (Improve upon and/or take in a new direction):
  • She was determined to make over her struggling business and turn it into a thriving enterprise.
  • They collaborated with a renowned chef to make over their restaurant's menu and offer innovative culinary creations.
  • He wanted to make over his musical style and experiment with different genres.
Make towards (Head in the direction):
  • She started to make towards the exit when she realized the event was coming to an end.
  • They decided to make towards the beach to enjoy a relaxing day under the sun.
  • He adjusted his course to make towards the nearest gas station as his fuel level was running low.
Make up (Compensate, fill in, or catch up):
  • She worked extra hours to make up for the time she took off for vacation.
  • They studied hard to make up for the missed classes and catch up with the rest of the students.
  • He promised to make up for the mistake by delivering exceptional results.
Make up (Invent, imagine, or concoct a story, claim, etc.):
  • She decided to make up an excuse for being late to avoid getting into trouble.
  • They made up a fictional character and created an elaborate backstory for their storytelling project.
  • He tried to make up a plausible explanation for his absence.
Make up (Assemble or mix):
  • She likes to make up her own recipes by combining different ingredients.
  • They collaborated to make up a unique dance routine for the upcoming performance.
  • He enjoys experimenting with colors to make up his own custom paint shades.
Make up (Apply cosmetics or makeup to):
  • She spent hours in front of the mirror to make up her face for the special occasion.
  • They hired a professional makeup artist to make up the models for the fashion show.
  • He learned how to make up his eyes and lips to enhance his features.
Make up (Resolve, forgive, or smooth over an argument or fight):
  • She apologized to her friend to make up after their disagreement.
  • They decided to have a heartfelt conversation to make up and rebuild their friendship.
  • He bought her flowers as a gesture to make up for his thoughtless words.
Make up for (Compensate for something, replace):
  • She tried to make up for her absence by sending a heartfelt apology letter.
  • They wanted to make up for the financial loss by increasing their sales in the next quarter.
  • He decided to make up for the mistake by offering a full refund to the dissatisfied customer.
Make up to (Do something to show that you are sorry about the problems you have caused someone):
  • She wanted to make up to her sister for accidentally breaking her favorite vase.
  • They planned a surprise dinner to make up to their parents for forgetting their anniversary.
  • He decided to make up to his friend by helping them with a difficult task.
Make way (Make progress):
  • She cleared the obstacles to make way for the construction crew.
  • They stepped aside to make way for the VIP guests entering the event.
  • He wanted to make way in his career by acquiring new skills and knowledge.
Continue practicing these phrasal verbs by using them in sentences and discussing their usage with fellow learners. Remember to pay attention to the context in which these phrasal verbs are used to fully understand their meanings. Keep up the great work! Course Home

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