Phrasal Verbs with Let

Let down (Allow to descend):
  • He carefully let down the rope to lower the package to the ground.
  • They slowly let down the elevator to the desired floor.
  • She gently let down the curtains to block out the sunlight.
Let down (Disappoint; to betray or fail somebody):
  • He promised to help, but he let her down when she needed him the most.
  • They felt deeply hurt when their friends let them down by breaking their trust.
  • She was afraid of letting her parents down by not achieving their expectations.
Let in (Let someone or something come in):
  • He opened the door to let in the fresh air.
  • They let in the cat that was waiting outside.
  • She asked her friend to let her in the building because she forgot her key.
Let in on (Disclose information to someone; to tell somebody a secret or share privileged information):
  • He decided to let her in on the surprise party they were planning.
  • They finally let their colleagues in on the exciting news about their upcoming project.
  • She trusted her best friend and let her in on the personal struggles she was facing.
Let off (Cause to explode or come out; to release):
  • He accidentally let off the fire extinguisher, covering the room in foam.
  • They pressed the button to let off the fireworks, filling the sky with bursts of color.
  • She squeezed the bottle to let off the excess pressure.
Let off (Forgive and not punish):
  • He was let off with a warning instead of receiving a fine for the traffic violation.
  • They decided to let him off the hook for missing the deadline, understanding the extenuating circumstances.
  • She pleaded for her teacher to let her off the detention, promising to complete the assignment on time.
Let on (Reveal, disclose, or divulge):
  • He couldn't help but let on about the surprise party he was planning for her.
  • They accidentally let on their secret travel plans, spoiling the surprise.
  • She tried to hide her excitement, but her smile let on that something good had happened.
Let out (Release):
  • He pressed the button to let out a burst of air from the balloon.
  • They opened the cage to let the birds out into the wild.
  • She unzipped her jacket to let out some heat.
Let out (Allow to operate at higher speed by adjusting controls):
  • He let out the car's throttle and raced down the highway.
  • They let out the sail to catch more wind and increase their speed.
  • She adjusted the settings to let out more power from the machine.
Let out (Enlarge by adjusting one or more seams):
  • She asked the tailor to let out her dress so that it would fit more comfortably.
  • They had to let out the waistband of their pants after gaining weight.
  • He needed to let out the hem of his jeans to make them longer.
Let out (Of sound, to emit):
  • He couldn't help but let out a loud laugh at the funny joke.
  • They screamed with excitement, letting out a collective cheer.
  • She gasped in surprise, letting out a high-pitched sound.
Let past (Allow someone to pass one):
  • He stepped aside to let her past him in the narrow hallway.
  • They politely let the other cars past as they merged into the lane.
  • She waved and signaled for the pedestrians to let her past at the crosswalk.
Let up (Cease; stop):
  • The rain finally let up after hours of heavy downpour.
  • They worked tirelessly until the storm let up and they could resume their outdoor activities.
  • She hoped that the pain would let up soon so she could feel better.
Note: Practice using these phrasal verbs in sentences to improve your English skills. Share your sentences in the comments section below to receive feedback and engage in discussions with fellow learners. Keep up the great work in expanding your phrasal verb vocabulary! Course Home

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