Phrasal Verbs with Give: List II

Give out

Issue; to distribute

  • The teacher gave out textbooks to the students at the beginning of the semester.
  • They gave out free samples of their new product at the store.

Give out

Break down, get out of order, fail

  • The printer gave out in the middle of printing important documents.
  • My phone battery gave out just when I needed to make an important call.

Give out

Complain, sulk, chastise

  • She always gives out about the messy state of her room.
  • He gave out to his employees for not meeting their targets.

Give over

Entrust (something) to another

  • She gave over the responsibility of managing the project to her colleague.
  • They gave over the key to their house to their trusted neighbor.

Give over

Devote or resign to a particular purpose or activity

  • He gave himself over to his studies, spending hours in the library every day.
  • She gave over her weekends to volunteer work at the local shelter.

Give over

Give up; abandon; desert; stop

  • They decided to give over their search for the lost treasure.
  • He gave over smoking after years of struggling with the habit.

Give up

Surrender (someone or something)

  • The fugitive gave himself up to the police after weeks of evading capture.
  • She gave up her seat on the bus to an elderly woman.

Give up

Stop or quit (an activity, etc)

  • He decided to give up playing the piano after years of practice.
  • She gave up her job to pursue her passion for painting.

Give up

Relinquish (something)

  • They had to give up their seats on the flight due to overbooking.
  • He gave up his claim to the inheritance in favor of his siblings.

Give up

Lose hope concerning (someone or something)

  • She refused to give up on her dream of becoming a professional athlete.
  • They gave up on finding a solution to the problem and decided to move on.

Give up

Abandon (someone or something)

  • They had to give up their pet dog when they moved to a small apartment.
  • He couldn't bear to give up his favorite childhood toy.

Give up

Admit defeat, to capitulate

  • After hours of negotiation, they finally gave up and accepted the terms.
  • She realized she couldn't win the argument and gave up.

Give up on

Lose faith in or stop believing in something or someone.

  • He gave up on his dream of becoming an actor and pursued a different career path.
  • She gave up on her unreliable friend and decided to distance herself.

Give up on

Stop feeling hope

  • They gave up on finding a cure for the disease after years of research.
  • He gave up on finding true love and focused on personal growth.

Give way

Yield to persistent persuasion

  • After much persuasion, she finally gave way and agreed to their proposal.
  • He couldn't resist her convincing argument and gave way to her point of view.

Give way

Collapse or break under physical stresses

  • The old bridge gave way under the weight of the heavy truck.
  • The wooden chair gave way when he sat on it, causing him to fall.

Give way

Give precedence to other road users

  • Drivers should always give way to pedestrians at crosswalks.
  • He politely gave way to the car coming from the opposite direction.

Give way to

Be replaced by something better, cheaper, more modern, etc

  • The traditional methods gave way to new technologies in the manufacturing industry.
  • Old habits give way to new routines when adapting to a different environment.

Give way to

Allow a vehicle to pass in front.

  • He gave way to the ambulance, pulling his car to the side of the road.
  • She waved to the car behind her, signaling them to give way and pass.

Give way to

Surrender to strong emotions

  • She gave way to tears when she heard the heartbreaking news.
  • He tried to control his anger, but eventually, he gave way to his frustration and shouted.

Give yourself up

Surrender to the police or authorities.

  • The criminal gave himself up to the authorities after weeks on the run.
  • Realizing there was no escape, he gave himself up and admitted his guilt.
These are some common phrasal verbs with "give." Remember to practice using them in sentences to reinforce your understanding. Keep up the great work! Course Home

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