Phrasal Verbs List with Crack

Welcome to the exciting world of Phrasal Verbs! In this lesson, we'll explore a variety of Phrasal Verbs and their meanings. From "Crack down" to "Crack out," we'll dive into the nuances of each expression. Mastering Phrasal Verbs will enhance your language skills and boost your ability to communicate effectively. Get ready to crack the code of these versatile linguistic gems!

Crack down

(to enforce more stringently or more thoroughly):
  • The government decided to crack down on illegal activities to ensure public safety.
  • The authorities are determined to crack down on tax evasion and impose stricter penalties.
  • Reflect on instances where authorities have taken decisive actions to crack down on various social issues.
  • Crack down on

    (to enforce laws or punish more vigilantly):
  • The police are intensifying their efforts to crack down on drug trafficking in the city.
  • The government plans to crack down on online piracy to protect intellectual property rights.
  • Discuss the significance of cracking down on specific offenses and maintaining law and order.
  • Crack on

    (to continue at a normally uninteresting task):
  • Despite the monotonous nature of the job, she had to crack on and complete the paperwork.
  • They decided to crack on with the project, even though they faced numerous challenges.
  • Share experiences where individuals have to crack on and stay focused on mundane tasks.
  • Crack on

    (to continue apace):
  • The team was determined to crack on with the project and meet the deadline.
  • Despite setbacks, they managed to crack on and make significant progress.
  • Discuss the importance of perseverance and determination to crack on and achieve goals.
  • Crack up

    (to laugh heartily):
  • The joke was so funny that they couldn't help but crack up with laughter.
  • The comedian's performance had the audience cracking up throughout the entire show.
  • Share moments that have made you crack up and spread laughter with others.
  • Crack up

    (to cause to laugh heartily):
  • His hilarious stories always cracked up his friends and brought joy to the gathering.
  • The comedian's witty remarks cracked up the entire audience, leaving them in stitches.
  • Reflect on instances where you've managed to crack someone up with your sense of humor.
  • Crack up

    (to become insane; to suffer a mental breakdown):
  • The stress and pressure became too much, causing him to crack up and seek professional help.
  • She had been under immense strain for a long time, leading to a gradual crack up.
  • Discuss the importance of mental well-being and seeking support when one feels overwhelmed.
  • Crack up

    (to cry up; to extol):
  • They would always crack her up with their kind words and compliments.
  • Her talent and dedication cracked up her colleagues, who praised her achievements.
  • Share experiences where individuals have been cracked up for their remarkable qualities or accomplishments.
  • Crack out

    (to produce in large volumes mechanically or as if by machine):
  • The factory cracks out thousands of products every day to meet the high demand.
  • The company has invested in automated systems to crack out quality goods efficiently.
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of cracking out products in large quantities.
  • Remember to practice these Phrasal Verbs by using them in sentences. Share your sentences in the comments below and keep exploring the rich world of Phrasal Verbs. Happy learning!

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