Girl, Jamaica Kincaid: Summary & Analysis

'Girl' is a concise yet powerful short story penned by Jamaica Kincaid, a talented writer born in Antigua in 1949. The story, which appeared in the New Yorker in 1978 and later in Kincaid's collection At the Bottom of the River in 1983, revolves around a candid dialogue between a mother and her teenage daughter. Spanning a single sentence comprising 650 words, the narrative offers an intriguing mix of practical advice and parental guidance, set against the backdrop of Antigua, the Caribbean island where Kincaid grew up.

Plot Summary

In this brief but impactful story, the mother imparts various advice and instructions to her daughter, simply referred to as 'girl.' The setting is suggested to be Antigua, evidenced by references to local foods like okra, salt fish, and dasheen.

Initially, the mother's counsel revolves around practical domestic tasks, such as washing and drying clothes and cooking salt fish. She also cautions her daughter not to go bareheaded under the scorching sun. However, as the conversation progresses, the mother's tone becomes more critical, revealing her disapproval of her daughter's perceived behavior.

The mother advises the girl on how to conduct herself like a proper lady on Sundays and discourages her from singing 'benna,' a Caribbean musical style known for its scandalous content and call-and-response structure, in Sunday school. The daughter interjects, stating she has sung benna before, but the mother seems to dismiss her input and continues with her advice.

The mother delves into various aspects of the daughter's life, instructing her on how to smile differently for different people, how to dress appropriately, and not be perceived as a promiscuous woman. The phrase "the slut I know you are so bent on becoming" is repeated throughout the story, highlighting the mother's harsh judgment.

Amidst the mother's guidance, she references Obeah, a mystical religion with African roots, and advises against judging others based on appearances. She offers medical advice on inducing an abortion and practical skills like fishing. The majority of the counsel centers on domestic duties, emphasizing the traditional role of a wife in society.

The story culminates with the mother advising the girl on how to tell if a loaf of bread is fresh by squeezing it. The daughter speaks up again, asking what to do if the baker doesn't allow her to touch the bread. The mother responds, questioning if her daughter would be the type of woman the baker would deny access to the bread.


'Girl' by Jamaica Kincaid presents a powerful and thought-provoking conversation between a mother and her daughter. Through this brief yet impactful dialogue, Kincaid explores themes of societal expectations, gender roles, and the complex relationship between mothers and daughters. The story leaves readers reflecting on the weight of cultural norms and the challenges faced by young women in navigating their identities within the constraints of tradition and social norms.

Critical Analysis

Jamaica Kincaid's 'Girl' is a masterful exploration of mother-daughter dynamics and the transmission of societal norms and values. Through a seamless integration of moral advice and practical know-how, Kincaid crafts a compelling narrative that delves into the complexities of womanhood, reputation, and traditional patriarchal structures within Antiguan society.

The title, 'Girl,' is significant as it signifies the daughter's transition from adolescence to adulthood. The mother's guidance goes beyond preparing her daughter to be a good wife; it is also about ensuring she is perceived as a woman of good morals by her community. The repeated use of the word 'slut' suggests the mother's deep concern about her daughter's reputation and how she is viewed by others. The advice given is not only about domestic chores but also encompasses how the daughter should present herself, interact with others, and manage her reputation.

The mother's guidance on sexual matters and the fear she expresses about her daughter becoming a certain kind of woman reveal the societal pressure and expectations placed on women within Antiguan society. Kincaid subtly hints that the mother's assumptions about her daughter's behavior may be unfounded or exaggerated, underscoring the traditional patriarchal structure that permeates the society depicted in the story.

While the story provides insight into the mother's concerns and values, it leaves readers to ponder her views on the society she is a part of. Does she uncritically uphold the patriarchal structure, or is she merely seeking the best life for her daughter within the existing norms? Kincaid keeps this aspect open to interpretation, allowing readers to contemplate the broader cultural context in which the story unfolds.

The use of a single sentence to deliver the mother's monologue adds to the story's impact. The relentless flow of the narrative reflects the mother's intense desire to impart her wisdom and the weight of societal expectations she carries. The daughter's few interjections serve as subtle reminders that she is an individual with her own thoughts and experiences, challenging the mother's assumptions.

In conclusion, 'Girl' by Jamaica Kincaid is a skillfully crafted story that examines the complexities of mother-daughter relationships, societal expectations, and the preservation of reputation within a traditional patriarchal society. Kincaid's concise narrative and skillful blending of moral advice and domestic knowledge leave readers with a profound understanding of the nuances of womanhood and the cultural forces that shape it.

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