Availability Cascades: Understanding the Bias

An availability cascade is a fascinating self-reinforcing cycle that sheds light on how collective beliefs can develop within a society. It starts with a novel and seemingly insightful idea that simplifies a complex concept, quickly gaining popularity in public discourse due to its apparent clarity. As more people adopt this idea, driven by the need to conform and appear up-to-date with prevailing beliefs, it gains even more traction. The illusory truth effect comes into play, leading individuals to believe the repeated idea as true, even if it is false. This phenomenon arises from the availability heuristic and reputational cascades, and it has significant implications in various domains, including finance theory and risk regulation.

The Role of Availability Entrepreneurs

Availability cascades occur through public discourse, such as news media and social networks, where individuals process incoming information to form private beliefs based on rational and semi-rational rules, including heuristics like availability. People then express their beliefs publicly based on self-interest, which may differ from their private beliefs. Key actors in availability cascades include availability entrepreneurs, who invest resources to promote a belief for personal gain. Journalists and politicians also play essential roles, driven by economic and reputational pressures, which can influence the availability of certain issues in the public sphere.

Examples of Availability Cascades

Risk Perception and Mitigation

Availability cascades have been observed in judgments concerning risk, where perceived risks can lead to changes in mitigation efforts and regulatory support. Instances like Love Canal, the Alar scare, and TWA Flight 800 exemplify how public panic overestimated certain risks, resulting in costly and exaggerated government actions. The concept of a "culture of fear" has also been associated with threats like terrorism, where fear appeals are employed to achieve certain goals.

Health-Related Cascades

Health-related issues, including disease threats and vaccination scares, are susceptible to availability cascades. The HIV/AIDS epidemic initially received inadequate attention due to stigma, but awareness and funding were successfully raised through the efforts of availability entrepreneurs. Vaccination scares, such as the MMR vaccine controversy, sparked public panic and reduced vaccination rates, leading to preventable disease outbreaks.

Environmental and Social Concerns

Availability cascades are evident in issues like global warming, where extreme weather events raise public awareness. Media coverage and availability entrepreneurs can drive public perception, as seen in the climate change controversy. Similarly, gun violence receives disproportionate coverage, affecting calls for stricter gun control laws. International adoption scandals and poisoned candy myths are also prone to availability cascades, leading to increased attention and potential xenophobia.

The Media Feeding Frenzy

Media feeding frenzies are driven by the combined effects of availability cascades and the financial pressures on media organizations. The sensationalized reporting of certain issues perpetuates public panic and shapes societal perceptions, leading to a continuous cycle of fear and misinformation.


Availability cascades exemplify the powerful influence of repetition and public perception on belief formation. The illusory truth effect, fueled by availability entrepreneurs and media coverage, can lead to the widespread acceptance of false information. Understanding availability cascades can help us navigate the complexities of information dissemination and make more informed decisions in our interconnected world.

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