Zombie Kid by Jo Yong (조용)

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A baby boy was born in a small village. He had pale skin and large eyes. While raising the boy, his mother naturally came to the realization that he had no feelings at all.

All he had was the desire to eat like a zombie. So, his mother locked him up in the basement so that the villagers wouldn’t see him. And every night she stole livestock from her neighbors to feed him. That’s how she raised him in secret.

One night she’d steal a chicken. The next day, she’d steal a pig. A number of years passed like that, then one day, an epidemic broke out. It left the remaining animals dead, and it also killed many people.

Those who survived the epidemic left the village. But the mother couldn’t leave her son all alone. And to appease her son crying of hunger, she cut off one leg of hers and give it to him. After that, it was her arm. She gave him all her limbs when she was left with nothing but her torso, she embraced her son for the last time to let him devour what was left of her.

With his both arms, the boy tightly held his mother’s torso and spoke for the first time in his life, “Mom, you’re so warm.”
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