The Presbyter and Satan by Fyodor Dostoevsky

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Fyodor Dostoevsky wrote a story on the walls of his jail in 1849 under the title "The Presbyter and Satan"

Satan said to the priest: "Hello, fat little father! What made you lie to these poor, misguided people? What tortures of hell did you fool them with? Do not you know that they already suffer the torments of hell in their lives on Earth? Do not you know that you and the state authorities are my delegates on the earth? You are the one who makes them suffer the pain of hell that threatens them. Do not you know this? Well then, come with me! "

The devil pulled the priest out of his collar, lifted him high into the air, and carried him to the place where iron was cast in a factory. There he saw the workers crushing back and forth , scorching in the scorching heat. The heavy air soon outstrips the prospect of the priest,Pleading with Satan and tears in his eyes: "Let me go! Let me leave this hell! "

Oh, my dear friend, I must show you many other places. " Satan and hold him again and pull it to the farm. There he sees the workers pounding the grain. Dust and heat can not be tolerated. The observer comes with a drum, which mercilessly inflicts on anyone who falls on the ground when he is overwhelmed by exhaustion from hard work or hunger.
The priest then takes to the huts where those workers live with their families. Dirty, cold, smoky and foul-smelling burrows. The devil smiles broadly, pointing to poverty and hardship in those homes. "Well, is not that enough? ".. It seems that even the devil himself, pity the people. And the servant of God met with hardly any chance, and raises his hands and pleads, "Let me get out of here, yes, yes! This is hell on earth! "He said.

Well then, you see, and still promise them another hell. Tear them, torture them to death morally, while they are already dead in everything except physical death! let's go ! I'll show you another hell ... one last hell ... the worst hell ever. " he toke him to a prison, and let him in jail, with its rotten air, and the many human bodies that are looted with all its health and strength, lying on its land, covered with insects and the parasites that feed on weak, bare, meager bodies.

Satan said to the priest: "Take off your silk clothes, put heavy chains like these on you, lie down on the cold, dirty ground, and then tell them about the hell that is still waiting for them! "He said.

The priest replied, "No, no! I can not think of anything more terrifying than this. I beg you, let me get out of here! "

Yes, this is hell. There can be no hell worse than this. Did not you learn it? Did not you know about these men and women who terrorized them in another hell ... Did not you know they were in hell now, before their death?
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