The 370 GRE Words You Must Know

Course Description: The "370 GRE Words You Must Know" course is designed to enhance students' vocabulary skills specifically for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), a standardized test widely used for graduate school admissions. This course focuses on teaching essential GRE vocabulary through carefully curated passages of writings. By studying and mastering these 370 words, students will be better prepared to understand and respond to the vocabulary-intensive sections of the GRE, such as reading comprehension, sentence equivalence, and text completion.

  • Expand Vocabulary: The primary objective of this course is to expand students' vocabulary repertoire by introducing and teaching the 370 most important words frequently tested on the GRE. Students will learn their meanings, synonyms, antonyms, and proper usage in context.
  • Develop Contextual Understanding: Through the passages of writings, students will develop a strong sense of how these words are used in real-world contexts. By encountering these words in various sentences and scenarios, students will gain a deeper understanding of their nuanced meanings and usage.
  • Enhance Reading Comprehension: By studying the provided passages, students will improve their ability to comprehend complex texts and extract the meaning of unfamiliar words from context. This skill is crucial for success in the reading comprehension section of the GRE.
  • Strengthen Sentence Equivalence Skills: This course aims to enhance students' proficiency in sentence equivalence questions by teaching them how to identify the correct answer choices based on their understanding of the given words. Students will learn to recognize the appropriate synonyms and antonyms that maintain the intended meaning of the sentence.
  • Improve Text Completion Strategies: Through exposure to passages containing the target words, students will develop strategies to effectively complete sentences with the most appropriate word choice. They will learn to assess the contextual clues and nuances of meaning to select the most suitable option.
  • Test Preparation: By focusing on the specific vocabulary frequently tested on the GRE, this course aims to help students feel more confident and well-equipped to tackle the verbal reasoning section of the exam. Students will practice with sample questions and receive guidance on test-taking strategies.

    Note: This course does not cover other components of the GRE, such as analytical writing or quantitative reasoning. Its sole focus is to equip students with the essential vocabulary skills needed to excel in the verbal reasoning sections of the GRE.

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