The 370 GRE Words You Must Know: Passage 17

The Relentless Quest for Probity

Amidst the quotidian (relating to the everyday or mundane) affairs of a bustling town, there existed a prodigal (reckless spender) soul named Adrian. Known for their profligate (extravagant and wasteful, especially in an immoral way) ways, Adrian seemed to have little regard for propriety (appropriateness, manners, decorum).

With a presumptuous (overly familiar; invades social boundaries) air, Adrian traversed the town, oblivious to the reproach (scold or expression of criticism) they received from onlookers. Their actions, though prodigious (enormous, immense, gigantic) in scale, lacked the luster of probity (integrity and honor).

The townspeople, relentless (never stopping, constant) in their pursuit of truth and justice, sought to reconcile (bring into harmony) the dissonance that Adrian's behavior created. Armed with rationality and respect, they aimed to refute (rebut or disprove) the notion that reckless abandon was the path to fulfillment.

Gathering their qualifications (credentials) and relying on their knowledge, the townspeople engaged in a series of debates with Adrian. They prevaricated (evaded or deceived without outright lying) with skill and eloquence, dismantling the fallacies that supported Adrian's wayward beliefs.

Through their relentless pursuit of understanding, the townspeople sought to rescue Adrian from the clutches of ignorance. They hoped to rescind (take back or retract) the allure of prodigality and lead Adrian towards a path of wisdom and prudence.

Each argument, presented with meticulous care, aimed to propitiate (obtain special favor from) Adrian's better judgment. The townspeople endeavored to demonstrate the relevance (relating to the topic or issue at hand) of their perspectives, appealing to the rationality within Adrian's heart.

As the discussions proliferated (multiplied and spread rapidly), so did the glimmers of comprehension in Adrian's eyes. The pristine (untouched, clean, pure) truths revealed themselves, shining through the fog of delusion that had clouded Adrian's perception for far too long.

At last, the battle between reason and profligacy reached its climax. Adrian, no longer confined by their previous misconceptions, found the courage to repudiate (renounce or disown) their former ways. With a newfound sense of purpose, they embraced the path of probity and integrity.

The townspeople, their hearts filled with pride and hope, welcomed Adrian back into the community. They celebrated the power of reconciliation and the triumph of truth. And as the sun set on that fateful day, the town thrived, united in their commitment to respect and virtue, respectively (in the sequential order previously given).

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