The 370 GRE Words You Must Know: Passage 07

A Story Woven with Words of Meaning

In a quaint village nestled amidst rolling hills, there lived a young artist named Amelia. Her hands possessed a deftness (skill, acumen) that seemed almost magical. With each stroke of her brush and every delicate movement, she brought to life vibrant scenes that seemed to delineate (describe very accurately) the very essence of beauty.

However, not everyone appreciated Amelia's talent. There were those who would denigrate (say negative things about) her work, attempting to undermine her creativity with their hurtful words. But Amelia refused to let their words desiccate (dry out completely) her passion. Instead, she channeled her inner strength and transformed their negativity into fuel for her artistic fire.

Despite the diffidence (shyness, timidity) that sometimes plagued her, Amelia persevered. She realized that art was her voice, her means of expression. And so, she continued to paint with a determination that was the determinant (a strong factor) of her artistic journey.

One day, as Amelia exhibited her latest masterpiece, a didactic (educational or instructive) composition that conveyed a powerful message about the fragility of nature, she encountered a stranger. This stranger, known for his diatribes (angry speeches denouncing someone or something), approached Amelia with skepticism and derision.

Undeterred by his harsh words, Amelia engaged in a heartfelt conversation with the stranger. She explained the deeper meaning behind her art, hoping to kindle a spark of understanding within him. To her surprise, the stranger's initial derisive (mocking) demeanor slowly transformed into curiosity and admiration.

Amelia's art had touched a chord deep within the stranger's soul, evoking emotions he had long suppressed. In that moment, he realized the detachment (objectivity) he had maintained was merely a shield, preventing him from fully experiencing the world's wonders.

From that day forward, Amelia and the stranger embarked on a journey together. They explored the world, embracing its desultory (inconsistent) beauty and discovering the profound connection between art and the human experience.

As they traveled, Amelia's artistic prowess grew, and her ability to delineate (render an outline) the essence of their shared adventures became more refined. Each painting she created seemed to capture the very essence of their journey, serving as a testament to her skill and the transformative power of art.

Amelia's art became a beacon of hope and inspiration to all who encountered it. Her unique style, free from any derivative (unoriginal) imitation, was a refreshing breath of creativity in a world often clouded by conformity.

And so, with her unwavering determination and the deftness (manual dexterity) of her hands, Amelia continued to paint her way through life, leaving a trail of beauty and inspiration in her wake.

For in her art, she found not only her voice but also a means to bridge the gaps between hearts, creating a world where understanding and appreciation flourished.

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