The 370 GRE Words You Must Know: Passage 09

The Melody of Life's Eclectic Symphony

In a quaint village nestled amidst rolling hills, there lived an ebullient (cheerful, enthusiastic, excited) soul named Isabella. She possessed an eccentric (quirky or unusual) charm that captivated all who encountered her. Her life was an eclectic (composed of a variety of styles, themes, motifs, etc.) masterpiece, composed of a myriad of styles, themes, and motifs.

Isabella believed in the efficacy (effectiveness) of embracing the essence of every experience. She saw the world through the lens of an artist, weaving emotions and memories into an elegy (sad poem or song, often in remembrance of someone deceased), a heartfelt ode to the fleeting moments of existence.

Her vibrant presence had the power to elicit (provoke a response) a response from even the most reserved individuals. With eloquence (persuasive and articulate speech) and grace, Isabella painted the canvas of conversations, her words a testament to the beauty of human connection.

Such was Isabella's eminence (well-known, respected, distinguished) in the village that she became a beacon of inspiration. Her empirical (based on evidence) knowledge and wisdom, gained through a lifetime of exploration and learning, were admired and respected by all.

Others sought to emulate (imitate or attempt to equal in accomplishment) Isabella's zest for life, recognizing the profound impact she had on those around her. She had a unique ability to enervate (exhaust or drain of energy) stagnant spirits and engender (cause or give rise to) a sense of purpose in others.

Isabella's presence enhanced (intensify, increase, augment) the community, intensifying the colors of joy and camaraderie. She believed in the intrinsic value of each individual, rejecting the notion of entitlement (belief that one deserves things one has not earned) and embracing the equality of all under the law.

Although her time in the village was ephemeral (short-lived or transient), like a delicate flower blooming for a brief moment, Isabella's equable (even-tempered) temperament brought harmony to those she encountered. Her steady presence grounded the ebbs and flows of human emotion.

Yet, Isabella was not one to equivocate (use ambiguous language in order to mislead or deceive) or sugarcoat the truth. She shunned erroneous (incorrect) beliefs and encouraged others to seek knowledge, to be erudite (learned) in their pursuit of understanding.

Isabella taught by example, encouraging her fellow villagers to eschew (avoid or abstain from) ignorance and explore the esoteric (obscure, arcane) realms of knowledge. She believed that wisdom lay not only in the grand narratives but also in the subtle whispers of hidden truths.

Among the villagers, Isabella was held in the highest regard, deemed estimable (deserving respect, esteem, and admiration) for her unwavering commitment to truth, respect, and admiration for the human spirit. Her influence was so profound that even in her absence, her eulogy (memorial speech for one who has passed, normally given at a funeral) echoed through the village, a tribute to a life lived fully.

And so, the melody of Isabella's life intertwined with the tapestry of the village, forever etching her spirit into the collective memory. Her legacy served as a reminder that even in the brevity of existence, one could leave an indelible mark on the world.

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