The 370 GRE Words You Must Know: Passage 18

The Sedulous Pursuit of Substantive Communication

In a sparse (scattered or scarce) room, filled with sediment (material that settles at the bottom of a body of water), a group of reticent (hesitant to speak) individuals gathered. Their stolid (calm and dependable) presence conveyed a sense of reverence (solemn and respectful), as they embarked on a mission to explore the power of rhetoric (the art of effective communication).

Each person, driven by a deep-seated desire for knowledge, sought to substantiate (corroborate or give evidence of) their ideas through careful research and dedicated effort. The room buzzed with solicitude (considerate, attentive) as participants listened intently to one another, valuing the subjective (open to personal interpretation) perspectives that each individual brought to the table.

Simultaneous (occurring at the same moment) conversations wove a tapestry of ideas, occasionally punctuated by sporadic (occasional or scattered) bursts of laughter or moments of quiet reflection. Amidst the exchange of thoughts and opinions, the group remained committed to maintaining a salubrious (health-promoting) atmosphere, where intellectual growth and understanding could flourish.

As the discussions progressed, caution was exercised to avoid falling prey to specious (spurious; appearing true but actually false) arguments or subversive (meant to undercut established institutions or norms) rhetoric. Sedulous (dedicated and careful) analysis served as a shield against the influence of fallacious reasoning, ensuring that only substantive ideas found their way into the collective consciousness.

Throughout the session, the participants wrestled with the complexities of secular (relating to the world or worldly matters) issues, delving into the depths of human experience and the multifaceted nature of existence. The pursuit of truth and understanding was an ongoing journey, marked by moments of revelation and insights that shimmered like gems in the intellectual landscape.

At the conclusion of their discourse, a sense of satisfaction washed over the group. Their hunger for knowledge had been satiated (completely satisfied), their minds enriched by the exchange of diverse perspectives. With a renewed commitment to the power of substantive communication, they left the room, carrying the torch of enlightenment into the world beyond.

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