The 370 GRE Words You Must Know: Passage 03

Let us embark on a linguistic odyssey, where words unfold like ancient scrolls, revealing the depth and richness of our lexicon. In this ethereal realm, we shall explore the exquisite nuances of meaning and bask in the luminous glow of language.

Amidst the tapestry of time, we encounter archaic (old-fashioned, no longer in common usage) words, remnants of a bygone era. They whisper tales of antiquity, resonating with echoes from distant epochs.

Prepare yourself for a journey through treacherous terrain, where challenges abound and trials test our mettle. Behold the arduous (difficult, taxing, requiring considerable effort) path that lies before us, for it is through perseverance that we shall conquer the seemingly insurmountable.

In the realm of eloquence, we encounter those who possess the gift of words, their expressions articulate (exhibiting considerable communication skills, well-spoken) and profound. Their linguistic tapestries weave stories that captivate the imagination and leave indelible impressions.

Yet, amidst the grand tapestry of humanity, we encounter those who possess an artless (without artifice, natural, untrained) charm, untouched by the contrivances of society. Their authenticity shines through, illuminating the world with refreshing simplicity.

Like ascetics in search of enlightenment, we relinquish our worldly desires and embrace the ascetic (austere or self-denying) path. Through discipline and self-restraint, we purify our souls and embark on a journey of spiritual awakening.

When the burdens of existence weigh heavily upon us, we yearn for solace and seek to assuage (provide relief from an unpleasant feeling, satisfy a need or appetite) the ache within our hearts. It is through acts of kindness and understanding that we find respite and restore balance to our weary souls.

As we traverse the labyrinth of human experience, we are often met with moments of profound astonishment (total surprise, shock). These awe-inspiring encounters awaken our senses, expanding the boundaries of our perception and reminding us of the limitless wonders that surround us.

Brace yourself for encounters with the audacious (very bold or presumptuous), those who fearlessly challenge societal norms and push the boundaries of convention. Their daring actions inspire admiration and instill a sense of awe.

In a world adorned with opulence, we encounter the austere (severe, unadorned), those who embrace simplicity and shun extravagance. Their minimalistic approach unveils the inherent beauty found within the bare essentials.

Deep within the human spirit lies the seed of avarice (greed), a potent force that can consume and corrupt. It is our duty to rise above base desires and embrace the virtues of generosity and selflessness.

With unwavering conviction, we aver (assert or allege) our beliefs, giving voice to our inner truths. Through the power of words, we construct a narrative that resonates with authenticity and commands attention.

Prepare yourself for encounters with the mundane, the banal (boring, cliché), those worn-out phrases and ideas that fail to inspire. Let us transcend the ordinary and strive for intellectual richness and creativity.

Beware the illusions that belie (give a false impression, intentional or unintentional) the truth, for they deceive and distort our understanding. Let us seek clarity amidst the shadows, embracing honesty and transparency.

Within the vast expanse of existence, we encounter the benign (gentle, harmless), those whose benevolent presence brings comfort and peace. Like gentle whispers on the wind, their kindness leaves a lasting imprint upon our souls.

As seekers of knowledge, we must guard against the allure of biased (prejudiced, displaying partiality) perspectives. Let us embrace open-mindedness and strive for impartiality, for it is through unbiased exploration that true wisdom is attained.

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