The 370 GRE Words You Must Know: Passage 05

Random Writing with Fancy Language

Let us embark on another journey into the realm of words, where their meanings intertwine and shape the tapestry of our communication. Each word, like a shimmering jewel, adds its unique hue to the mosaic of expression.

Reflect upon the power of a contrite (remorseful) heart, where humility and remorse flow as rivers of redemption. Let us acknowledge our faults, seeking forgiveness and striving for personal growth.

Beware the labyrinthine paths of the convoluted (roundabout, not straightforward), for they twist and turn, obscuring the truth. Seek clarity amidst the intricacies, for simplicity often holds the key to understanding.

Marvel at the abundance of ideas that flow, like a river teeming with life, for the realm of knowledge is copious (plentiful or abundant). Let us drink deeply from this wellspring, quenching our thirst for wisdom and expanding the horizons of our understanding.

Embrace the allure of the cosmopolitan (of or relating to a city or urban area), where diverse cultures converge and weave a vibrant tapestry. Let us revel in the richness of cosmopolitan life, celebrating the tapestry of humanity that unfolds in bustling city streets.

Beware the yearning that awakens within, for it is the seed of covetousness (desiring something that does not belong to you). Let us cultivate contentment, finding joy in the blessings we possess and cherishing the simple pleasures that enrich our lives.

Honor the duality of craft (cunning) and skill, for they are the tools of mastery. Let us wield our abilities with artistry, honing our craft and embracing the beauty that emerges from our endeavors.

Shun the shadows of the craven (cowardly to the point of being shameful), where fear extinguishes the flame of courage. Instead, let us rise above our fears, facing adversity with resilience and embracing the strength that lies within.

Grant credence (belief or trust) to the power of faith, for it has the potential to move mountains and transform lives. Let us nurture belief, both in ourselves and in others, fostering a foundation of trust that uplifts and empowers.

Beware the pitfalls of a credulous (gullible, naïve) mind, for it is easily swayed by the sweet whispers of deception. Let us cultivate discernment, questioning, and seeking truth amidst the webs of deceit that may entangle us.

Adorn yourself with the cloak of decorum (appropriate behavior or good manners), for it lends grace and dignity to our interactions. Let us navigate social landscapes with tact and respect, honoring the customs and courtesies that bind us together.

Embrace the spirit of deference (respect or polite submission), where humility intertwines with respect. Let us recognize the wisdom of others, acknowledging their expertise and honoring the contributions they bring to our collective journey.

Amidst the tumultuous currents of life, learn to deflect (divert or cause to ricochet) the arrows of negativity and despair. Let us cultivate resilience, redirecting the forces that threaten to sway us off course , and forging our own path with unwavering determination.

As we traverse the labyrinth of language, may these words serve as beacons, illuminating our journey and inspiring our quest for knowledge and understanding. Let us cherish the power of words and the profound impact they have on our lives and the world around us.

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