Free Course: Latin Words & Phrases Used in English

Course Description: The "Latin Words & Phrases Used in English" course explores the influence of Latin vocabulary and expressions on the English language. Through the study of passages that incorporate these words and phrases, students will gain a deeper understanding of their meanings, usage, and cultural significance. By examining their usage in context, students will enhance their language skills and develop a broader appreciation for the historical and intellectual contributions of Latin to the English language.

  • Explore Latin Influence: Examine the historical and intellectual connections between Latin and English, and understand the reasons for the adoption and retention of Latin words and phrases in English.
  • Identify Latin Words and Phrases: Learn to identify commonly used Latin words and phrases in English, understanding their etymology and meanings.
  • Understand Contextual Usage: Develop an understanding of the contextual usage of Latin words and phrases in English through the study of passages.
  • Expand Vocabulary: Expand vocabulary by introducing commonly used Latin words and phrases in English, including their definitions, synonyms, and antonyms.
  • Improve Reading Comprehension: Enhance reading comprehension abilities by exposing students to passages containing Latin words and phrases.
  • Foster Linguistic Appreciation: Develop an appreciation for the linguistic heritage and intellectual contributions of Latin to the English language.
  • Note: This course does not provide comprehensive Latin language instruction. Instead, it focuses on the study of Latin words and phrases used in English, enriching students' language skills and cultural understanding.

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