How to be Happy?

Happiness is Real when Shared
Each of us as human beings is in pursuit of satisfaction. For different people varied ends embody this satisfaction and under a neoliberal capitalist economy this sense of fulfilment is achievable only through material acquisition. As parcel of common sense that lives on status quo, this conception of fulfillment proves deceptive and manufactures an alienating identity merged in material possession; by this virtue one becomes what one has and identity of individual merges with material possessions. 

But life teaches us how temporal these forms of fulfillment happen to be and that fulfillment of one desire is birth of another desire. The only extension of one's being is one's work, contribution and character which constructs the real identification of an individual. 

The happiness that comes with possession doesn't really last. 

Remember the first time you got a smartphone! But how long did that feeling last? 

When you buy a new commodity; how long does it take before you stop even thinking of it? 

Would the level of happiness be parallel for a poor kid and a wealthy kid when given same present 🎁?  

You would see that happiness is relative. It is not the same for all. 

Whenever sought in material acquisition happiness becomes illusory deception and the happiness becomes real lasting sensation only when is shared. 

The Little Things 
You are living a good life when you enjoy the little things. When a song can make you feel like Christmas and when a visit from a friend can make you fly. But when the little things like these bring no joy then we must know that we have stopped living. 

Keeping Expectations in Check 
Work for the best and expect the worst. High expectations cause dissatisfaction. One must be a realist and being optimist in pessimistic reality is not being realist. 

Suppose, student 1 expects to get A grade and student 2 expects C grade in exams and both of them get B grades. Student 1 would be disappointed while student 2 would be overjoyed. How we VIEW reality changes our PERCEPTION. 

Suppose you rented a house, in example A the landlord informed you that he would raise the rent by 5% annually while in example B the landlord raised the rent by 5% without informing you first. In example B it would be devastating while in example A since you had a bad expectation then it won't come as such a shock. 

Expecting too much from people, society, and reality always results in hurting and shocking. Don't expect at all! Expecting the worst possible will make you ready for the worst and if the worst doesn't happen it will multiply your happiness thousandfolds. 
Carpe Diem
Every breath is a step forward to death. Being all wealth, all beautiful, the best possible in all manners we eventually end in dirt. People before us carried nothing with them after death. We will carry nothing with ourselves having passed that veil! 

We often are so preoccupied with our ambitions that we stop living the moment that is now. Past is but a dream! Cherish every moment! As Buddha learned only those who live in the moment attain Nirvana!

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