Cohesion vs Coherence in Writing Skills

Cohesion is the unity of sentences and the coherence unity of ideas.

Here's a table that outlines the basic differences! 
Cohesion Coherence
Cohesion is a quantitative property. Coherence is a qualitative property.
It is observable as it is dealt with the actual written content. It is abstract as it deals with the ideas.
Cohesion is a measurable property that can be
measured by checking the lexical syntaxes and grammar rules
Coherence is not a measurable property and
is very hard to achieve.
Cohesion focuses more on lexical syntax and
grammar in sentence formation..
Coherence is more sort of a pattern
in the collected parts of writings.
Cohesion is the writer’s attribute and is brought
by using different techniques like repeated
words/ideas, reference words, transition signals, substitution, etc.
Coherence is the attribute that is decided
by the end-user or reader, which determines
whether the content seems meaningful,
understanding and useful.
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