Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis

Now, since reality is a process in constant transformation then every theory, be it philosophical, economic, political, social e.t.c arises as an answer to conditions of a particular time and place. In dialectics, to make it simple we term all theories or any theory be it, economic, political, social e.t.c as Thesis.

Every thesis is static because it addresses conditions and social relations of a particular time and place while the reality is constantly changing. So, when reality changes, that is, when the conditions and relations at a particular place and time change, then the static thesis, since no longer compatible, develops inner contradictions. These contradictions make its materialisation contradictory and an opposing Antithesis develops in reaction. Since Antithesis is reactionary in nature, that is, it focuses on contradictions thesis, it often speaks of truth in part, not totality. Then a Synthesis develops which takes valid parts from both Thesis and Antithesis, and rejects invalid parts from both, thus taking a better approach at encompassing both sides of the truth. Synthesis too encompasses reality within available conditions and relations therefore, Synthesis is also static and develops inner contradictions when reality changes. The process keeps going on, thesis, antithesis, synthesis, thesis, antithesis, synthesis…

The reality changes and change takes place in the form of Thesis, Antithesis, and Synthesis

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