Synonyms for "Said"

Use following alternatives in stead of the word "Said" while writing your story.  

Added: to enhance an argument.
Advised: to warn, to offer help.
Announced: to declare formally and or publicly.
Asserted: to state positively but having no proof.
Called: to capture attention by increased volume.
Commented: to explain, interpret, or criticize - to make a remark.
Complained: to express dislike or disagreement.
Congratulated: to give wishes; to acknowledge an action or deed.
Continued: to further or add to an earlier point.
Declared: to make known clearly and openly.
Informed: to give information, to make known; declare.
Lied: to not speak truthfully.
Observed: to mention casually.
Offered: to suggest; to state.
Mentioned: to state briefly; to bring up in conversation.
Protested: to formally or openly disagree.
Quoted: to repeat words of others; to cite a source.
Recalled: to remember or bring up.
Related: to make connection; to say allegorically.
Remarked: to make a brief, casual statement of an opinion.
Remembered: to recall.
Reminded: to remember; to mention so as not to forget.
Repeated: to say again; to restate.
Replied: to answer; to say in response.
Reported: to give a formal statement; to give an account of.
Reassured: to give additional comfort, support, or evidence.
Revealed: to make known; to publish.
Stated: to say or paraphrase from official documents.
Taunted: to cruelly tease in a mocking or insulting manner.
Teased: to annoy or pester; vex.
Tempted: to cause to consider (usually) something bad.

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