Absurdity as a Major Theme from Theatre of Absurd


      Absurdity for sure is the most obvious one of the themes from Theatre of Absurd. The plays mock the world which no longer makes sense to its inhabitants, with people so shallow and empty, hurting themselves and others, in unachievable pursuit of happiness. The happiness itself is so shallow that you lose it the moment you receive it. The setting of the world is so absurd that rational decisions and actions seem almost impossible therefore effort proves meaningless.

People just live their simple extremely individualistic lies which they call life, estranged from human emotions, living in a circle, never looking out to see the horrors of the society and the miserable masses who work their lives to earn just bread while the few live over luxuriously off the backs of those masses.

The absurdity can very clearly be observed in our decisions and actions. Greed of one held above the needs of millions, and life just goes on. We keep running in a race without knowing if it’s ever going to end, and not realizing that it ends in six feet under the ground. The past feels nothing more than a dream and all we have seems of no value, we keep running after the second half of bread we see in the reflection of water until we lose the one we had. Though man thinks himself wise having discovered water on Mars but it seems he doesn’t know that many long and suffer here down on earth still for few drops of water.

So, you see how absurd things are and that’s the reason absurdity of man was mocked in plays. Theatre of Absurd showed us the stupid and evil face of society in comic manner and that was the beauty of such plays.

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