Marxist Critical Theory

Course Description: By conceiving of the economy in terms of private property rights, free trade, the laws of supply and demand, etc., as participants in a capitalist market economy, we come to justify and view capitalism economic relations as the correct way for things to be. This mode of thinking, according to Marx, is nothing more than ideology since it conceals the ubiquitous and destructive forms of exploitation, helplessness, and alienation that, in his opinion, characterise capitalism economic relations, even from those who experience them. In the field of literature, novels, poems and different literary texts are analysed in research under Marxist speculations. Marxist Critical Theory is also a literary theory in terms of its application in literary researches.

Course Objectives
  • To identify and critically examine concepts from Marxist Critical Theory in literary texts.
  • To study historical and cultural development of Marxist Critical Theory and its literary application.

Course Contents
Karl Marx
  • Biography
  • Historical Context
  • Theory of Surplus Value
  • Theory of Alienation
  • Class Conflict
  • Base and Superstructure
  • Marxist Conception of Ideology
  • Commodity Fetishism
  • Marxism and Literature
  • Some questions Marxist critics ask
  • Some Marxist Texts
  • Course Underconstruction
  • Extra Lectures
  • Some questions Marxist critics ask
  • Take Online Exams
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    Course Outcomes
    Students are expected
    • to demonstrate understanding of aesthetics of modernist poetry.
    • to do a critical analysis of poems through close reading of the text.

    Further Readings
    1. Blair, John G. The Poetic Art of W.H. Auden (n.p., n.d.).
    2. Drew, Elizabeth T.S. Eliot: The Design of his Poetry.(London,1950)
    3. Gardener, Helen. The Art of T.S. Eliot. (London, 1968)
    4. Jeffares, A.N. W.B. Yeats, Man and Poet.(London, 1949)
    5. Leavis, F.R. New Bearings in English Poetry. (London 1961 ed)
    6. Macneice, Louis The Poetry of W.B. Yeats.( London, 1967)
    7. Spears, Monroe K. The Poetry of W.H. Auden. (New Jersey, 1981)
    8. Unterecker, J. W.B. Yeats: A Reader’s Guide (London, 1988).
    9. Ferguson, M. Salter, M. J., Stallworthy, J. (2005). The Norton Anthology of Poetry. New York: W.W. Norton & Co.
    10. Untermeyer, L. (2011). Modern British Poetry. Whitefish, MT: Literary Licensing

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