Creative Writing Skills

Course Description: Students in this free course learn how to write compelling short stories, novels, plays, and essays by mastering the elements of effective prose, such as plot, setting, characters, and imagery. Students will have the chance to experiment with various prose and poetry forms as well as literary responses. The importance of originality and thoughtful writing will be highlighted. We'll look at innovative approaches to generate writing ideas as well as ways to avoid writer's block. This course depends on peer reviews and discussion in the comments section under each lesson.

Course Objectives
  • To enable students to create works of literature in various genres, including, but not limited to: short story/fiction, creative nonfiction, drama, and poetry
  • To correctly identify the basic elements of fiction and creative nonfiction.
  • To gain an accurate vocabulary of prose terms.

Course Contents
Show! Don't Tell
  • Describing a Character's Voice
  • Show being Annoyed: Describing Annoyance
  • How to Describe a Kiss
  • Descriptive Words for Laughter
  • Show Being Angry
  • General Rules
  • 20 Tips for Improving Word Choice in Creative Writing: Strategies and Examples
  • Why Reading is Essential for Successful Writing: 20 Reasons with References
  • 20 Tips for Using Structure to Reflect Theme in Creative Writing
  • Optimizing Your Writing Process: Tips and Techniques for Planning, Drafting, Revising, and Editing
  • When to Change Paragraph
  • 20 Tips for Writing Vivid and Descriptive Prose
  • 20 Tips for Writing Figurative and Flowery Language
  • 10 Types of Tone and 15 Tips for Selecting Tone in Writing
  • Boost Your Creativity: 15 Brainstorming Techniques and Tips
  • 20 Essential Characteristics of Good Writing: A Guide for Improved Communication and Creativity
    Incorporating Imagery
  • Master the Art of Imagery in Writing: 5 Types and 10 Examples
  • 30 Words for Describing Sound in Writing
  • 31 Words for Describing Smell in Writing
  • 86 Words for Describing Touch: Meanings and Usage Examples
    Descriptive Vocabulary
  • Words to Describe Character's Face & Facial Features
  • Words to Describe Body Types & Shapes
  • Composing Poetry
  • Master the Art of Meter: A Guide to the 6 Types of Meter in Poetry
  • Mastering the Art of Conceits in Poetry: 10 Examples and Tips
  • 30 Examples of Metaphor in Poetry with Poem Titles and Poets
  • Mastering the Art of Poetry: Tips and Techniques for Composing Poems
    Book Recommendations
  • Top 10 must-read Books on Creative Writing: Recommendations and Why They Matter
    Plays, Novels & Short Stories
  • Comparing Short Stories, Novels, and Dramas: 6 Key Differences and Characteristics
  • Master the Art of Dialogue: 15 Tips and Examples for Writing Effective Dialogues
  • The Character Development Chart: The Carter Method
  • Character Development: Tips and Techniques for Crafting Well-Rounded Characters
    More to be added

  • Course Outcomes
    Students are expected
    • to demonstrate understanding of aesthetics of modernist poetry.
    • to do a critical analysis of poems through close reading of the text.

    Further Readings
    1. Blair, John G. The Poetic Art of W.H. Auden (n.p., n.d.).
    2. Drew, Elizabeth T.S. Eliot: The Design of his Poetry.(London,1950)
    3. Gardener, Helen. The Art of T.S. Eliot. (London, 1968)
    4. Jeffares, A.N. W.B. Yeats, Man and Poet.(London, 1949)
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    9. Ferguson, M. Salter, M. J., Stallworthy, J. (2005). The Norton Anthology of Poetry. New York: W.W. Norton & Co.
    10. Untermeyer, L. (2011). Modern British Poetry. Whitefish, MT: Literary Licensing

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