The 370 GRE Words You Must Know: Passage 16

The Precursor's Vision

Amidst the realms of possibility and imagination, where reality intertwines with dreams, there existed a world of wonders. In this realm, where the plausible (believable, reasonable) and the extraordinary danced together, a tale began to unfold.

In a land blessed with a plethora (a surplus or overabundance) of natural resources, the harmony of abundance was shattered. As dark clouds loomed overhead, the once thriving land began to plummet (to fall quickly and far) into a state of chaos.

A divisive force emerged, seeking to polarize (cause a sharp division between two groups) the inhabitants, igniting flames of animosity and fueling conflicts. The once harmonious communities found themselves entangled in a polemical (angry, hostile, harshly critical) battle of ideologies.

Amidst the chaos, a pragmatic (practical) visionary stepped forward, recognizing the precarious (uncertain or unstable) state of affairs. With wisdom and foresight, they understood that action must be taken to avert the impending disaster.

The visionary was not alone; their journey was preceded (went before) by the voices of ancient prophecies, whispered by the winds of time. These whispers carried the weight of the past, acting as a precipitate (to cause) for the awakening of dormant knowledge.

In the heart of the visionary, the gift of prescience (knowing things before they happen, prophetic) resided. They possessed the ability to see beyond the veil of uncertainty, glimpsing the potential outcomes that lay ahead.

Armed with their insight, the visionary embarked on a quest to unite the fragmented communities. They traversed treacherous terrains and engaged in impassioned dialogues, seeking common ground amidst the discord.

Through their words and actions, the visionary aimed to dissolve the barriers that divided the people. They embraced the power of empathy, understanding that unity could only be achieved by bridging the gaps of misunderstanding.

As the visionary's influence spread, a transformation began to take hold. The particulate matter of hope and reconciliation formed within the collective consciousness, as the precursor (a forerunner) of a brighter future.

With every step forward, the visionary's purpose became clearer. They became a beacon of hope, guiding others toward a shared destiny, where harmony and understanding prevailed.

And so, the tale of the visionary unfolded, as their prescient wisdom illuminated the path towards a world where division would be transcended, and unity would reign supreme.

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